Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Only sometimes.

Sometimes I forget to pack a lunch just so I can just buy something instead.

Sometimes I leave my clothes laying around the house so long that you can see everything I've worn for the week.

Sometimes I imagine scenarios in my head where Scott is my knight in shining armor and saves me from a psycho attacker in a public park or something. lol... that one was hard to admit.

Sometimes Backstreet Boys music makes me really emotional and nostalgic.

Sometimes I leave glasses of water all over our floors and windowsills like the girl in Signs.

Sometimes I think I sound good when I use my deep, manly voice while singing.

Sometimes I take pictures of my face super up-close because I'm curious about what I look like when I'm about to be kissed.

Sometimes I make up raps on my way to work in the Impala.

Sometimes when I eat too much, I brush my teeth and do a few jumping jacks to feel skinny again. Works every time.

Sometimes I can't stop myself from rolling my eyes at people when they make me irritated- it's like a reflex.

Sometimes I turn on movies in the background just to feel like there's a lot going on in our home... even when there's not.

Sometimes we just have to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are sane. At least some of the time. 

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