Thursday, September 6, 2012

August: One. Long. Weekend

The most important month of the year and I missed a blog post. Actually if you think about it, it makes sense:)  Not only was the most amazing little brother ever born in August twenty years ago, but our little girl made her way into the world this last month on the 7th at 11:11pm. She weighed 6.9 ounces and was 20 inches long.  We named her Layla Lynn Winkler.

She is perfect.



We are infatuated.

Ever since she was born it feels like one long weekend. That's all August was- one long weekend.  We moved when she was only 3 weeks old. Tip for new parents: don't try to move with a newborn. It's CRAZY. But great- my boss had offered me a more part-time position to give me more hours at home with my girl, so we moved to a girls complex here in Rexburg.  I'll start work the 2nd week of September and we moved in around the last week of August.

Scott's family and mine both came during August too. Scott's mom, little sister and brother were here and we had so much fun with them. We miss them like crazy being so far away in Indiana so it meant the world to us that they drove 24+ hours to come and hang out with us. My parents came after and my mom was so stinking helpful. We still have lots of freezer meals in the freezer from her and Becky.  Collette, David and Adrienne came next, and Becky and Landon were last.  Laura and Joe= you guys are slackers;)

So.... August:  Had our beautiful baby. Moved to a different apartment.  Welcomed various out of town visitors here to see Layla. Yep. One big blur---- seems like one long weekend.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4 more weeks

We have four more weeks until our little baby's due date. Do you know how that makes me feel?

Like it's the last month of my life.

Like my life is just about to begin.

Like it couldn't come fast enough.

Like there is not enough time and I need another nine months to prepare.

Like there is no way I could be 22 and be called MOM.

Like I'm about to meet someone very important.

Like my heart is about to belong to someone else.

Needless to say I am anxious and have mixed feelings and don't know what I'm doing.  But then I look down and watch my belly move and know that whatever fears I may be having, the wonder and excitement of it all surpasses all negative emotions and I am calm again, and sincerely "overjoyed" (as Stevie Wonder would put it).

Besides all of that excitement, Scott and I just got a new camera off of craigslist. It's a Cannon something something something, Digital SLR thingy. I'm not really sure. All I know is we had the PERFECT model this weekend to test it out on.  Becky and Landon came down for the 4th on their way to Yellowstone and we got a few snaps of sweet little Mona. She has me completely wrapped around her finger. Can't wait to have my own baby girl.

Just woke up!

                             4th of July!

We went to a parade in the morning of the 4th, and Mona spent some time at the splash park and riding on the carousel. We barbecued with Scott's cousins the Crooks, and later that night we watched Mean Girls ( i know so patriotic) and Landon bought us all shakes at a new place down the street. A great visit with the Copes.

Last but not least I have to share this epic fail that happened in San Diego, CA. Somehow they lit off all their fireworks on accident at the same time. Here's the video of a firework show in 10 seconds:

June- My favorite month of the year!

Moving on from my forgotten post in May, I move to my forgotten post from June:

We had a GREAT month.

I filled my complex for Fall 2012 semester!- Big accomplishment for muah.

I turned 22. We went and visited Becky and Landon and sweet little Mona.  I got to spend my birthday with my twin sister again! We hadn't been able to do that since we were in high school so that was really fun.  And Scott being the sweet loving husband he is bought me a jewelery box for my birthday because he was tired of sitting on my earrings or finding them on the window sills.... And he bought me a maternity swimsuit. It's adorable. And no. I will not be putting up pictures. Just trust me on this.

We went fishing and swimming and got away from the heat.

We got popsicle makers and are still getting creative with that...

We went to the drive in a couple times: Men in Black 3, Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, and the Hunger Games. - All good!

We tried white cheddar popcorn from Orville. And he did a good job on that one.

I sang in a music competition in Idaho Falls and Scott went and cheered me on. No they didn't award me any money or record contracts, dang it. See the video here:

We refinished a dresser for baby and are doubling it as our changing table too.

Scott washed the Impala. And he did a really nice job. I stayed inside next to the AC cheering him on.

I got sick for the last two weeks of June- HUGE bummer- but finally figured out it was a sinus infection and got the antibiotics to kick it.  During this time I discovered HGTV. Yes. I am guilty and YES. I am in L-O-V-E.  My favorite shows are Drew and Jonathan and Design Star (Go Hillary!).

There's just something about JUNE.

Forgotten Days of May...

I haven't written in 2 months. I know it's awful...

May was great and went by fast (obviously).  I (yes without Scott- he had to stay in Rexburg for school) spent a couple days in Indiana for Adrienne's graduation. She is officially moved out! (and currently resides with Collette and Dave in Washington)   We had a great time- the whole Peacock family except for Joey was there:(  But I loved my sister time. The best part of the trip had to be when Mona was mistaking me for her mamma. So CUTE. (Kind of sad too- she was pretty out of it because she had a virus)  We all slept in the same room too. It was great being around the sisters again. Love them.

Other than that I can't remember anything else we did in May. This is the problem with not writing for 2 months...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As Elder Joey Peacock puts it, "Will it be blow dryers or nail guns?"

The moment you all have been waiting for!!!! (Okay the moment we had been waiting for...) We found out towards the end of March that we are having a baby GIRL!! We both wanted a boy, but when we saw baby was a girl we both just felt surprised and even more excited. I instantly started seeing pinks and purples in my mind! Scott is really just as excited too it is so cute to listen to him talk about his baby girl. It makes me just fall in love all over again with him.

We even have a name picked out for her!  We are going to name her Layla Lynn. I never thought we would agree on a name, but one day we were just lying on our bed and shooting names to each other for fun. As soon as the word Layla came out of my mouth we both just thought it sounded so nice. It just seemed like such a good fit. And then Scott came up with Lynn (she'll have my same middle name), and I just think it goes together so nice. Just rolls off your tongue. So feminine. We are such great name pickers huh?!!

She is due August 5th and we wonder a lot what she will be like. We know a couple of things about her so far.  She must like my bladder because she sits on it all the time.... We can tell she must like chocolate and ice cream already (just like her mommy) because she moves a ton if I have any. I felt her move for the first time at about 21 weeks, and now she is moving a ton all the time. Every time I feel her inside me I get so giddy- I just feel like giving her a mental high five or something.  It’s so cool. There is another HUMAN inside of me!!! It's insane!!!! Scott has even been able to put his hand on my belly and feel her move a couple of times now!     

Well besides the AWESOME baby news... 

On April 9th we celebrated being married for 2 whole years!!!! For our 2 year anniversary we went shooting, fishing, and camping.I know. We are so young and full of life aren't we??

We grilled up a delicious dinner and spent the afternoon laid out on a boat dock, talking a little, but mostly just waiting for the fish to bite and enjoying each other’s company. In the two years that we have been married, fishing is one of my most favorite activities with Scott. I just think it is so romantic. Scott bates and hooks my line for me and takes the slimy fish off when I’ve caught something. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable, plus Scotty still gets to kill something while spending time with me!

 Anyways, he bought me gorgeous flowers (he always hand picks my bouquets which I think is SO sweet) and I made a dark chocolate cheesecake. We made a craft together on Pinterest to celebrate too, showing our journey so far as a couple.  I love anniversaries. And this year’s was really perfect.

                Well I just got through doing check-ins and checkouts with my apartment complex (never fun so I'm glad it's over), and we are entering a new semester at BYU-Idaho. Scott seems to like his new classes so far and feels confident about this term which makes me so glad. Just hoping for a great Spring semester, wish us luck! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"It's the most romantic story ever. It makes the Notebook look like Saw V." (Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation)

I don't even feel bad for not posting in February. It felt like SUCH a short month. It was relatively uneventful, but  both of us were much more healthy and happy this month.

     Valentines Day is about the only cool part of February. Everyone was doing something cool it seemed like.  My sister Collette and her hubby have been married for about a year now and her hubs threw together a fancy fondue dinner. (They are so cute together it disgusts me).  And my mom and dad packed up their bags and went to Cabo for the weekend. Yeah. I know. Even in our little town of Rexburg I knew of friends running wild, picking up all of the essentials: confetti, bubbly, heart shaped balloons and candies, giant bears, Hallmark cards that made you cry on the spot, etc, etc.  Below are some more of my favorite Valentines Day ideas.
Leslie on Parks celebrates with her gal pals. love this idea.

Perfectly adorable.

I keep begging Scott to do this for me.

The perfect card for my Scott:)

      We probably should have done something cooler than just going out to dinner but we were short on time with work and school, and short on cash. So went over to Frontier Pies for dinner. I got my favorite strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. And we red-boxed "Planet of the Apes". Extremely appropriate for Valentines Day. I loved it. We ended the night with some sparkling grape juice (it's even better than apple juice) and some dark chocolate truffles- courtesy of Lindt. I think next year though I will try something more adventurous. Hopefully then I will have more time, resources, and I won't be prego. But all in all it turned out to be a good night.

    The highlight of this month though was probably Scott getting his 7:45-8:45 MWF block class done. We've had the luxury of sleeping in a little without that class, and it is SO wonderful to sleep in together. If I'm not sleeping in with Scott and I wake up alone, I feel guilty for sleeping in while he is already up. But together- it's awesome. And plus, he usually makes me pancakes once we're both up and he is the KING of pancakes. Yum.

Monday, January 30, 2012

"As the good book says: If you spit in the air... it will land in your face."

Happy 2012 everyone! Hopefully you have all adjusted to it by now. I like writing '12 actually. It's just a good looking number.

Update on our lives: We had a great Christmas with the Peacock fam in Utah at Becky's place and now that we're starting a new semester, Scott is back at school. We celebrated his 24th birthday on the 7th- I surprised him with a night at a bed n breakfast- so fun I recommend it to any couples that are childless for an evening!!!

We are both under the weather this month of January- really, the whole month. Me- mostly because of morning sickness, more recently though my body celebrated coming out of the first trimester with a sinus n-infection- I'm just getting over that.  And Scott is in bed right now. High on Theraflu due to his wife's strict orders. It's cold season here in Rexburg, that's for sure. It's one of those times when everyone in your town is sneezing and coughing on ya. But we'll manage.

Our friends, family, and especially our new ward members have been so incredibly helpful through all the sick stages. Our home teachers just brought us dinner this last weekend actually. I am so touched by that gesture, it was so thoughtful and exactly what I would have wanted- homemade chili just like Mom used to make it (think 15 bean soup Peacock kids).  Anyways, we are well loved and in times of sickness it is nice to get a reminder.

On a happier note check out our latest photo of the little guy in my belly! I am much bigger now- definitely a bump, baby is around the size of a peach now that we're 13 weeks along. We don't actually know if it will be a boy but we really hope so- if it is a girl we will be just as happy though!  It is really fun seeing Scott so excited to be a daddy. He is going to be so amazing and fun and loving. You couldn't tell by looking at him but he is a REALLY sensitive, caring man- a big teddy bear and it is my most favorite trait about my husband and soon to be baby-daddy.

And here are some more pics of our month. These are all taken on Scotty Potty's Birthday. 

At the bed and breakfast enjoying "eggs benedict" for the first time!

Helpful hint: When you're too sick to make your hubby a birthday cake, call Coldstone and they will make him VERY HAPPY. 

Scott's birthday burger he "created" at Red Robin. 2 patties, guacamole, bacon, bbq sauce, and pepper jack cheese. He is a man of many hidden talents. 

We even went shooting on his birthday! It was FREEZING, but we had a blast. Literally.