Thursday, September 6, 2012

August: One. Long. Weekend

The most important month of the year and I missed a blog post. Actually if you think about it, it makes sense:)  Not only was the most amazing little brother ever born in August twenty years ago, but our little girl made her way into the world this last month on the 7th at 11:11pm. She weighed 6.9 ounces and was 20 inches long.  We named her Layla Lynn Winkler.

She is perfect.



We are infatuated.

Ever since she was born it feels like one long weekend. That's all August was- one long weekend.  We moved when she was only 3 weeks old. Tip for new parents: don't try to move with a newborn. It's CRAZY. But great- my boss had offered me a more part-time position to give me more hours at home with my girl, so we moved to a girls complex here in Rexburg.  I'll start work the 2nd week of September and we moved in around the last week of August.

Scott's family and mine both came during August too. Scott's mom, little sister and brother were here and we had so much fun with them. We miss them like crazy being so far away in Indiana so it meant the world to us that they drove 24+ hours to come and hang out with us. My parents came after and my mom was so stinking helpful. We still have lots of freezer meals in the freezer from her and Becky.  Collette, David and Adrienne came next, and Becky and Landon were last.  Laura and Joe= you guys are slackers;)

So.... August:  Had our beautiful baby. Moved to a different apartment.  Welcomed various out of town visitors here to see Layla. Yep. One big blur---- seems like one long weekend.

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