Sunday, July 8, 2012

June- My favorite month of the year!

Moving on from my forgotten post in May, I move to my forgotten post from June:

We had a GREAT month.

I filled my complex for Fall 2012 semester!- Big accomplishment for muah.

I turned 22. We went and visited Becky and Landon and sweet little Mona.  I got to spend my birthday with my twin sister again! We hadn't been able to do that since we were in high school so that was really fun.  And Scott being the sweet loving husband he is bought me a jewelery box for my birthday because he was tired of sitting on my earrings or finding them on the window sills.... And he bought me a maternity swimsuit. It's adorable. And no. I will not be putting up pictures. Just trust me on this.

We went fishing and swimming and got away from the heat.

We got popsicle makers and are still getting creative with that...

We went to the drive in a couple times: Men in Black 3, Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, and the Hunger Games. - All good!

We tried white cheddar popcorn from Orville. And he did a good job on that one.

I sang in a music competition in Idaho Falls and Scott went and cheered me on. No they didn't award me any money or record contracts, dang it. See the video here:

We refinished a dresser for baby and are doubling it as our changing table too.

Scott washed the Impala. And he did a really nice job. I stayed inside next to the AC cheering him on.

I got sick for the last two weeks of June- HUGE bummer- but finally figured out it was a sinus infection and got the antibiotics to kick it.  During this time I discovered HGTV. Yes. I am guilty and YES. I am in L-O-V-E.  My favorite shows are Drew and Jonathan and Design Star (Go Hillary!).

There's just something about JUNE.

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  1. Those Property Brothers sure are pretty to look at, aren't they? ;)