Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As Elder Joey Peacock puts it, "Will it be blow dryers or nail guns?"

The moment you all have been waiting for!!!! (Okay the moment we had been waiting for...) We found out towards the end of March that we are having a baby GIRL!! We both wanted a boy, but when we saw baby was a girl we both just felt surprised and even more excited. I instantly started seeing pinks and purples in my mind! Scott is really just as excited too it is so cute to listen to him talk about his baby girl. It makes me just fall in love all over again with him.

We even have a name picked out for her!  We are going to name her Layla Lynn. I never thought we would agree on a name, but one day we were just lying on our bed and shooting names to each other for fun. As soon as the word Layla came out of my mouth we both just thought it sounded so nice. It just seemed like such a good fit. And then Scott came up with Lynn (she'll have my same middle name), and I just think it goes together so nice. Just rolls off your tongue. So feminine. We are such great name pickers huh?!!

She is due August 5th and we wonder a lot what she will be like. We know a couple of things about her so far.  She must like my bladder because she sits on it all the time.... We can tell she must like chocolate and ice cream already (just like her mommy) because she moves a ton if I have any. I felt her move for the first time at about 21 weeks, and now she is moving a ton all the time. Every time I feel her inside me I get so giddy- I just feel like giving her a mental high five or something.  It’s so cool. There is another HUMAN inside of me!!! It's insane!!!! Scott has even been able to put his hand on my belly and feel her move a couple of times now!     

Well besides the AWESOME baby news... 

On April 9th we celebrated being married for 2 whole years!!!! For our 2 year anniversary we went shooting, fishing, and camping.I know. We are so young and full of life aren't we??

We grilled up a delicious dinner and spent the afternoon laid out on a boat dock, talking a little, but mostly just waiting for the fish to bite and enjoying each other’s company. In the two years that we have been married, fishing is one of my most favorite activities with Scott. I just think it is so romantic. Scott bates and hooks my line for me and takes the slimy fish off when I’ve caught something. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable, plus Scotty still gets to kill something while spending time with me!

 Anyways, he bought me gorgeous flowers (he always hand picks my bouquets which I think is SO sweet) and I made a dark chocolate cheesecake. We made a craft together on Pinterest to celebrate too, showing our journey so far as a couple.  I love anniversaries. And this year’s was really perfect.

                Well I just got through doing check-ins and checkouts with my apartment complex (never fun so I'm glad it's over), and we are entering a new semester at BYU-Idaho. Scott seems to like his new classes so far and feels confident about this term which makes me so glad. Just hoping for a great Spring semester, wish us luck! 

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  1. I had a lot of fun reading your update! You newly weds are too cute! Love it. And... love the name! I wanted Layla so bad... but it's ok because Allie is definitely an Al... if that makes sense :) But I am so glad that somebody in my family gets to name her beautiful girl that! Congratualations!!!! Can't wait until August :)