Friday, April 30, 2010

L- is for the way you look at me.

  Marriage is awesome. We love being able to live together, eat together, sleep together, but most of all have fun every day together!  Scott's back at school for the summer semester while I have it off, so we wake up at 6:30am and Scott showers and gets ready for school while I pack his lunch for the day.  We usually have time to sit over the breakfast table with our bowls of cereal and stare sleepily into each other's eyes with smiles that admit we'd rather be back on the honeymoon.  Then Scott's off to school by 7:20, which leaves me with plenty to do.. and not do.  I hang out with a little 3 year-old twice a week as a part-time job, and am currently looking for more work.  But life is good and we look forward to the adventures before us! I'll be posting about our lives, big and small changes and things that make us happy on here.  Right now though we're just spending our nights in homework, with water, snack, dinner breaks, and some times wrestling breaks. We love to play tennis together and really enjoy getting out in the sun when there is any.  I've been trying to experiment with some new recipes and love my new cookbooks,   And  ...Scott just got his suit back from the dry cleaners.


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