Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Explorers!

          Scott and I have had one heck of a summer so far. Oreo gave birth to one tomato, and now has 7 more coming.  I got a full-time job at a property management company and now have to pretend to know what I'm doing.  And Scott's been fixing cars like crazy and doing wheelies in the golf cart he drives for work (BYU-I mail services).  We've been able to squeeze a ton of fun into our packed days still.
    We love driving up to Idaho Falls and hanging out with the Harris family- Berret and Tanya are so much fun and Hallie just stole the key to our hearts!  We got to go with them on a Sunday drive around Yellowstone National Park a couple of weeks ago,     and I have to say the most entertaining part of the trip was all the jokes in the car.
     The next weekend we went with a bunch of Scott's old roommates up to the ice caves- I got around a lot easier on the slippery, small tunnels than Scott did- but Scott was more graceful than he's ever been:)
      And this last weekend was a real blast. We went back to Yellowstone with half the Peacock family! Becky, Landon, Joey, and Adge were all there with us. It was so great to see my siblings have so much fun with my husband. He fits right into our family!!   Scott almost got charged by a buffalo, I forgot my pillow and ended up sharing a sleeping bag with Scott- worst idea EVER, and Becky balanced her preggo self over a creek on a log with Lando.
            Needless to say, we plan on recuperating this weekend and spending the whole weekend by ourselves around Rexburg. But we love the warm weather and being able to spend so many great times with our friends and family!

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