Saturday, August 14, 2010


Scott and I were able to go to Indiana this last week of July, and part of August.  We were able to spend a lot of time with both of our families.  They are our best friends and we had the time of our lives out there with them- just fishing, swimming, bbq-ing, and a lot of front porch sitting.  There was no homework, no office, just time to think and time to love.

Everything in Indiana is so different from what I grew up around.  It's amazing how we can all be from the same country, and yet you almost feel like you're a foreigner when you go from one side of the states to the other...

And these "HOOSIERS"... well, they're quite a unique breed.  For instance my hubby is 6' 4", and one big corn-fed white boy, and let me tell you- so is every other man in Indiana.  I went to pick Adrienne up from high school one time when I lived out there, and these boys looked like they could eat me- and the car I was in.  Out there, they eat mashed potatoes and noodles mixed together, fried green tomatoes, and weird desserts that sound more like brands of ammunition: "buck eyes" or "gooey hell".   They say "warsh" and "garsh" instead of "wash" and "gosh", and call vacuums "sweepers".  They use phrases like: "a stone-throw away" to describe distances.  And every night if you live in town, you are lulled to sleep by the sound of diesel-powered trucks constantly passing your corner.  My more rebellious friends from my inner-city high school smoked pot and painted abstract drawings on sides of buildings for fun.  In Indiana, they smash mailboxes or hijack four-wheelers for fun.   And I have been educated on so many things I never knew existed: "International Harvesters", "the FFA", "4-H", etc.

Despite all those foreign concepts, and sometimes humorous tendencies, The Indiana Hoosiers are also some of the most friendliest people I've ever met.  You could get your car stuck in a ditch, and not even a minute later, a stranger would be helping you pull it out (which is what happened to me).  Neighbors often share vegetables from their garden with you, and I've never had so many friendly waves and smiles when I drive.  Your local Walmart is also the town's designated social gathering spot, which makes visiting and socializing with people significantly more efficient.  And the general attitudes of people around there are completely genuine,humble, and laid back.

I love my Hoosier man, and I admit... I love Indiana:)    

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  1. Erica & Scott,
    AWESOME Blog!!! I haven't been on here for awhile!! You two make me SO HAPPY and I must say AMAZED that I get to call you my kids!!! I Love you both!!!
    xoxo Mom