Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Spring... !

So Scott and I are getting pretty darn tired of Rexburg right about now...  But we just decided we are going to stay here another 2.6 years until he is done with his BA (he has switched his degree to Agribusiness). I'm in the process of interviewing with jobs for after I graduate in July with my BA in Psych, so hopefully I'll find something that'll be rewarding for the next while.

But if anybody has any tips for ways to cope with living in a snowy hell for 7-8 months out of the year, we could really use em!  We are happy with each other of course and that is my saving grace while living here.

I shouldn't complain so much though- we've been doing a couple things lately to brighten up the crappy weather we have!

I recently dyed my hair to a lighter color and LOVE it! Having your hair done really helps you to remember to actually style it and try to look nice during the day. Here's a before and after shot: 

So that was fun. 

We've also been trying different foods and school snacks out lately. I made orange chicken curry yesterday with country-fried squash. Strangely wonderful...  We also just discovered "pepperjack crackers", and "oatmeal fudge stripe cookies"- both new on the market and received a 2-thumbs up from us!


I've been really proud of Scott lately- he's been a good example to me in persistence with working out. He does yoga pretty regularly now and I think he has a "man-crush" on the freakishly lean asian man wearing a speedo in the workout videos. I just bought Scott a yoga set for Valentines Day and he's loving it. ** Tip for people with sore backs and aches and pains---- Yoga works! Here's the guy Scott loves: 

....... This pretty much speaks for itself....

So those are just a few of our everyday "pick-me-ups" that seem to work for us. Any more suggestions would be great! 


  1. This winter has been killing us too. I've been going completely crazy and I don't know how to keep Hallie entertained. That is why we decorate for ALL the holidays even the dumb ones like St. Pattys day. Stuff like that gets Hallie excited and gives me a small project.

    That yoga man is so ridiculous and awesome. Hahahaha. I just made Berret look at that pic, and you should have seen his face.

    Excited to see you Saturday!!!

  2. I know he seems to really attract men! lol! So excited we're hanging out soon!!!

  3. I Love the new pepperjack crackers!