Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday Shooting Range

Okay, so most blogs I read involve stories of my friends' kids doing crazy stuff and getting captured on camera. I really enjoy these kind of posts- it reminds me not to take things too seriously. If you ever want a good laugh, there is a mom who I found that does a blog called the "meanest mom" and it is hilarious! : .

Anyways, I usually don't have funny stuff like that to share because it's just Scott and I right now and we don't have kids doing crazy things yet. But I kind of felt like I had come home to a 6 year-old boy the other day...
I work Saturday mornings from 6am to whenever catering orders get done ( I cut vegetables and fruit all morning pretty much). So Scott gets to have Saturday mornings all to himself.

I'll come home and sometimes he'll have the whole apartment spotless- bathroom cleaned and everything.  Sometimes he'll make a really good lunch or brunch for me to come home to. Sometimes he just decided to sleep in and I'll come home while he's still in the shower. None of these things have ever been out of the ordinary for me. Until the past 2 Saturdays- yes, not just one Saturday, the past two- which means this might become a tradition in our household...

Since it's winter and we sold our truck my poor husband has to resort to some indoor, inexpensive way for target practice. Here is his fortress on one side of the living room.

Here is his target. (Ingenious, really.)

My personal favorite part of all of this was he continued to scream "Die Quakers! Die!"... The quaker oats guy didn't stand a chance against Scott's BB gun.

What was nice was the cereal box caught all the BB's so it was an easy clean-up as well.

Gotta love a creative mind!


  1. I would like to defend myself here a little. I was talking trash to the "Life" box, however I was not directing my comments to the religious group the "Quakers". Just so everyone knows. :) Scott

  2. You are in for an entertaining life! lol Sure miss you guys!