Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

       It has been such a fun spring so far! Scott and I have enjoyed some bike rides together (finally) and walks.  I've been able to take a lot of my clients outside and work with them in the parks- yes it is such a hard job ;) We've been really busy with school though- especially Scott and so we are mostly enjoying the sunlight by studying with the windows open.

We celebrated our 1st year anniversary April 9th and spent the day recovering from Winter semester finals.  We had a Sandra Bullock marathon with: The Blind Side, While You Were Sleeping, and Miss Congeniality. We also ate the best cheesecake in the world! I got it off of a blog, it's called Reeses Cup Cheesecake and it is TO DIE FOR. Here's a link to the recipe:  

We also recently celebrated Mother's Day a couple of days ago and Scott bought me flowers for the first time!!! They are just beautiful and he knew what my favorite kind were too- Gerber daisies!!! He hand-picked them himself which means I have the most thoughtful and romantic husband ever.
      Scott and I have really gotten a lot closer this first year of marriage and I cannot imagine life without him now. We're not perfect and I know we have a lot to work on, but we're happy and in love and for that I'm grateful. We have a lot to work towards together and it's exciting to think about the adventures ahead of us. Life is so much better with someone to love. Speaking of which- Collette (my big sister), is getting married in 3 days! We can't wait to go to Portland tomorrow morning for her wedding, so more on that later!

   Well I will leave you dear reader, with a hot new review on a local fro-yo joint that just opened up a couple blocks away from campus: it's called Kiwi Loco. I thought I hated frozen yogurt until I tried their's- it's so great! Totally reccomend it as the service and atmosphere is fun and accommodating. We went there one night as an excuse to stop our homework...

After a winter like this last one we had here in Rexburg, I don't think I can ever take advantage of great weather ever again! I thank God when I feel heat from the sun now or taste the fruit in season right now, and it is humbling to remember how much He has given us. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life!


  1. Your yogurt looks healthier than Scotts. Go figure.

  2. YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. I love the blog posts.