Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pie. Trees. Babies.

I can't believe I have missed 2 posts in a row. I am a terrible blogger. But I will make it up to you by sharing some fantastic updates of our lives.  November went by really fast and we really enjoyed each other's company trying to stuff in all the traditional holiday moments we could with one another. My favorite holiday outing was getting our tree! We got on all of our gear and hiked up the mountains in Ashton, ID. Just imagine all these trees having lots of snow. That's where we went. It is so beautiful in Ashton, I love it!

We found a Christmas tree after about a 45 min hike into the unknown. She may not be pretty but we worked hard to find her and dress her up nice!

Well then there was our Turkey Day.  Thanksgiving went great. Scott and I headed up to Shelley, ID . 
Yup. Pretty exciting stuff.
Actually, Carisa and Ethan were great hosts- we spent the afternoon like every other proud American- licking our plates clean of stuffing and turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and pie. OH THE PIE.  Later that night we watched SPACE JAM!!! Took me back to the good old days when Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny joined forces. It was a great day and I was able to ponder on a lot I was thankful for. 

Well a couple days later after Thanksgiving, I decided I just wasn't feeling like myself. So on a Monday morning, Scott and I sat in the bathroom staring at that little plus sign in silent disbelief. I kept trying to get this goofy grin off my face all day but it never happened. Actually it's still there. We are so excited and I'm now 6 and a half weeks along. Right now our baby's ear, nose, lips, and eyes are all forming! The heart is beating about twice as fast as mine and it is only the size of a grain of rice and it has done all of that already! We are so proud:) 

I am really, really sick right now but happy because it's for a good cause:) Suggestions for baby names, parenting tips, etc. are totally welcome at this point. I'll let you know when I get sick of them!  Right now we refer to "it" as our little "nugget". 

Told you I was going to make it up to you huh???


  1. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. We called Braeden "Ziggy the Zygote" and then "Cletus the Fetus". For names, I refer you to Seinfeld: Soda, Seven, or Blanket (though MJ took that one already)

  3. OH ERICA!!!! I am so stinkin excited for you guys!! YAYAYAYAYA! Congratulations! You will be an excellent mommy! And little Mona will be so excited to have a little cousin :D

  4. Congrats! I am so excited for you both! The sickness should get better in a few weeks. Praying for you!

  5. Our family is so Happy for you guys!!