Thursday, November 3, 2011


I sooooo wanted to write October's post AFTER Halloween, but still write the post in October. Guess what?? The last day of October is on Halloween. Guess who was shoe shopping with her husband that night and didn't get on her blog to write the October post?!

Oh well... shoes are worth it I guess. (more on that later)

October has really flown by. I loved it! Talk about getting our fall back! We were scared when during the first weekend of the month it started snowing-- and sticking-- for about 2-3 days. But then things went back to "better" in Rexburg and we got sunshine and refreshing,crisp fall air. Loved it.

We did all the cliche things during October, tried to really live up the fall season.

We went to a cornmaze.

We carved pumpkins.

We made caramel apples.

We went to Mesa falls for a beautiful fall hike and watched the leaves change colors right before our eyes.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and we drank hot apple cider.

We threw a Halloween party, invited all of our friends, and made homemade decorations for it. ** Disclaimer: The decor in the pics was taken a day after. So everything was a little torn up/not as pretty as when it all started. Also we decorated each room so the kids could trick or treat in them but forgot to take pics before we cleaned them up. Apologies to those who are disappointed. You can blame Scott.

Anyways, I love love love love love love fall and I will be sad to see it go (forecast shows snow this weekend) but I am so thankful to have had so much of it this year! Enjoy the pics:

We also got a new tv... Yeah it wasn't on the list but we did it anyways and it is beautiful, and huge (46") and GREAT for company, or just the two of us.

We also got an old washer and dryer for 100 bucks on craigslist, so no more laundromats for us! Booyah!

(I do not own the rights to this comic, but I definitely agree with it!)

Life has been surprising and fun and so, so enjoyable. Scott should never have to go back to homework again, I am enjoying his off-track with him way too much!

Joey left the MTC this month too. And I miss him like crazy. I try to write him once a week. He emails us all once a week. I am so proud of him and writing him letters is such a fun part of my week for me. I just had to share that. If anyone has any good ideas for care packages (on my college student budget- don't let the tv fool you, hee hee) let me know!

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