Friday, September 30, 2011

Last night

Pillow talk is one of my favorite traditions.

When Becky and I were just babies, we would climb out of our cribs at night and mom and dad would find us the next morning sleeping next to each other in one crib.  We didn't grow out of it through the years.  We'd sleep in each others beds at the age of eight. And then when we were thirteen. And even sometimes during our senior year of high school.  I loved these times with my twin sister.  We would just lay there and whisper about our new love interests, tell jokes, sing songs, and plan upcoming family vacations and what kind of candy we were going to buy for the trip.

I admit we weren't always this innocent.  We would often make up terrible lies and rumors to each other. For example:
One time Becky told me that Cindy Crawford was a famous drag queen.
Another time she told me that during puberty women's breasts are storing milk.
Another time she told me that her 4th grade teacher was dating the gym teacher.
One time she told me an entire plot to a movie that never even existed.  It was an action film about an Asian woman with one boob.  People called her Uno.

Becky could really be a writer. She is very persuasive.
Unfortunately Becky lives four hours away from me now, and even if we did still want to spend the night together, I don't think either of our husbands would appreciate it. 3 or 4 is really a crowd. 

Anyways, back to pillow talk.  Scott and I have been able to incorporate pillow talk into our night lives. It might not be as silly, or messed-up as my childhood version was, but it is definitely memorable and fun. And one of my favorite parts of the day. I was just sitting here thinking about last night. And our pillow talk.

There is something very intimate about ending your day laying on your bed and letting whatever is  still in your head out. If you haven't done it in a while, go find your spouse, a sibling, a trusted pet, and pillow talk.


  1. Erica, it's one of my favorite things to do. Talking in bed in the dark and holding hands...or whatever.

  2. lol oh Heidi. We really need to live closer lol.