Tuesday, May 11, 2010

E is even more than anyone you could adore!!!

  Well it's about time I introduce a new member of the family... This is "Oreo", he's a tomato plant. We bought him at the Rexburg Farmer's Market!  We love him very much and hope he loves us back by giving us delicious tomatoes to eat soon!!! I just bought his new home for him today- a 15" pot and some miracle-gro soil! 

   Along with Oreo's new home, is our newly furnished and finished apartment! (thanks to the awesome family I babysit for who gave us the couches!)    We love filling our new home with loud laughter, kicking our shoes off, and being ourselves with each other.  What a refreshing part of life- to be able to stay somewhere where you are safe, secure, and most importantly loved! Whatever adventures come our way, I will always remember what a blessing it is to make a place we can call home. We both feel very fortunate to have all we do, and thank all our family and friends who have helped us make it what it is. I've posted some pictures to share below (just click on the url and it will bring you to a slideshow). Enjoy!


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