Wednesday, May 5, 2010

V- is very very... extraordinary!

Happy Cinco De Mayo my friends! Before I go off to bed, I wanted to post our celebrations for the night- pretty simple. We layed on the floor during one of Scott's frequent homework breaks and ate chips and dip we got on sale at Walmart:)  It's kind of ridiculous, but this past-time strangely means a lot to the both of us (yes I'm talking sentimentally about chips n dip)...

When we were engaged, we set out on a Friday night for a date.  Well we ended up in the Walmart buying ruffles and french onion dip because we were starving and hadn't eaten dinner yet.  So, we took them out to the truck, and instead of resuming our plans and going bowling, we spent the night in a parking lot staring off into an ugly scenery of dry grass, semi-trucks and the neon glow of fast-food joints. We just sat and talked, listened to the radio, and I confess- put away the entire carton of dip and the bag of chips... But it just goes to show we can have fun  absolutely anywhere- doing absolutely anything!!!

I love my husband and I love Lays for bringing us closer together. Happy 5th everyone.

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  1. Erica & Scott,
    Dad & I just figured out how to get into your blog! This is AWESOME!!I have heard you can print your blogs at the end of the year. You should and save it as your journal of your life together! Hey, post on our family blog too! I am going to print up ours too! I am so proud of you two!! I Love you both!
    xoxo Mom